Core Box (for 2 x Players)

The Core Box will include everything to play a game for 2 players.


The CoreBall core box comes with 18 highly detailed, pre-assembled plastic miniatures in 35mm scale, all of them in striking flying poses thanks to their transparent bases.

These miniatures support up to four players, each controlling one of the two teams.

Your core box team will be made up of three unique flyers and six mercenaries, and it will be up to you to really make their unique playstyles shine.



The core box includes the basic game board you will use in all your CoreBall matches, as well as the circuit sheets from the Asteroid Field circuit, which allow you to play in the most common CoreBall field, full of asteroids, space debris, kinetic barriers, railguns, and force fields. Watch out for the dangerous hazards of space as you advance through the circuit to score victory points!



From Victory Points to different flyer statuses, and most importantly passing through momentum tokens, the CoreBall core box includes all tokens you will ever need to play a match.


The core box includes a How to play Booklet to get you started, and a Rules Reference booklet to get all those pesky questions answered if you ever decide to get into more competitive play.

CoreBall on Kickstarter

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