The Gameplay

2-4 players | 60-90 playtime | Medium-heavy

COREBALL: The Zero Gravity sport is a game for two to four players.

In CoreBall, each player takes control of one team. Teams are composed of flyers, who are athletes with unique skills to control the ball, push around or subdue opponent flyers, hack their suits, and many more impressive feats.

Each game of CoreBall is called a match, during which flyers are shot at high velocities through dangerous circuits filled with railguns, asteroids, stellar dust and other obstacles to make the game more exciting.

Over the course of a CoreBall match, flyers will engage in a contest for the ball or balls to score points while trying to take out as many opponent flyers as possible to cause the other team or teams to lose points. At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins.

The Rulebook

We want to share the rulebook as early as possible, so that you can take part in the development of the game. We have already gathered tons of feedback from followers, but we are still looking for more! So please click on the link below and share your thoughts with us!

Rulebook draft

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Playtesting CoreBall

CoreBall is being playtested in Tabletopia right now. Are you interested in playing a few games to see how it works in a digital platform before it makes it through the physical production process? Would you like the chance to play with the developers, participate in blind playtesting, or any other pre-launch activities? Click below to find out more!

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How to Win

CoreBall matches last four rounds, and at the end the player with more Victory Points wins. There is only one way to score, and that is by maintaining possession of the ball, but there are many ways to lose points, such as being pushed out of the field, wounded or even killed!

Will you go for the ball or will you punish your opponent for doing so? Maybe a bit of both? Find the team that better matches your playstyle and discover a host of different tactics and strategies to raise victorious!.

CoreBall on Kickstarter

CoreBall will launch on Kickstarter April 2019. Be the first to know when it does!

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