Brutal baseline

The BullBugs are a team with an uncompromised appetite for brutality... with a dose of finesse. Many of its players are proficient grapplers, capable of neutralizing pesky opponents; and the rest of the team is trained to capitalise on the forced mistakes of their opponents after they are grappled by another BullBug.

They have a good selection of flyers capable of working as lone wolves when the rest of the team is busy restraining their opponents, as well as some of the most adaptable flyers in the entire CoreBall league.

And finally, an aspect that is often overlooked is that most of their flyers are actually decent at most skills, even if they are not the most proficient, which means when push comes to shove and you just need to get it done, they can.

  • Ball58%
  • Grappling86%
  • Pushing36%
  • Mobility72%
  • Hacking15%
  • FireWall58%
  • Synergy43%