Flyers of fortune

The Mercs are independent flyers who do not play for a specific team. Instead, they depend on mustering as many sponsors as they can, a fact they proudly show on their flyer suits.

They do not have a defined set of overall strengths or weaknesses. Instead, each mercenary has their own particular set of skills and special abilities. To ease their selection by a professional team, they adhere to one of the six standard CoreBall roles: Forwards are the most mobile flyers, specialized in running away with the ball; Centers are skilled ballers who keep the ball mobile; Tackles focus on taking opposing flyers out of the field; Safeties are enforcers specialized on pushing people around;.Hackers are trained to neutralize the suits of the opposing teams; and Strikers are polivalent flyers, always ready to hit where it hurst most.

  • Ball50%
  • Grappling50%
  • Pushing50%
  • Mobility50%
  • Hacking50%
  • FireWall50%
  • Synergy50%