Superb synergies

The Preachers are, above all, a team. Unlike the rest of the CoreBall teams, they are not sponsored by private companies, but by the Iz'kal State, which uses them as a propaganda tool to further their ideals. The State rejects the idea of individual stars, and instead trusts good old teamwork to achieve outstanding results, which is what the Preachers are trained to do.

They also are the most mobile team of them all, which coupled with their outstanding ball skills and their ability to exploit synergies between their hyperlinked flyers makes them a very dangerous team to face. They may not beat you up, but they will surely beat you out!

  • Ball72%
  • Grappling43%
  • Pushing29%
  • Mobility86%
  • Hacking15%
  • FireWall72%
  • Synergy86%