A.K.A TechnoTricks

The TechnoTicks are a bunch of misfits nobody else knew how to integrate in their strategy, and they are determined to make the rest of the teams pay their oversight very dearly. They are proficient hackers, always with some trick up their sleeve to keep their opponents on their toes.

They are not a very physical team, and their ball skills may not be as impressive as others, but their high mobility ,superb hacking skills, excellent firewalls, and the unparalleled amount of tricks they are able to pull off per match puts the TechnoTicks among the most dangerous teams one can face in a CoreBall match.

  • Ball36%
  • Grappling22%
  • Pushing15%
  • Mobility72%
  • Hacking79%
  • FireWall100%
  • Synergy65%